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New mineralogical application

New mineralogical application for mobile phones MineralMicr

From today an application for mobile phones (MineralMicr) is available. MineralMicr is an application that: 1) includes a database of videos of all common minerals under the petrographic microscope. In these videos (1 for every mineral) the properties according to which we identify each mineral are explained in subtitles. 2) MineralMicr is a handy application in which the user can identify the minerals under microscope by using specific filters that each one corresponds to a specific optical property. This way by using the application the user for example can choose cleavage. The choices are none (-) 1, and 2. After the choice the number of the possible remaining minerals decreased. If the user determines enough (or distinctive) properties it would be just 1 mineral left (successful mineral identification). If the user is not able to determine enough properties then more than 1 possible mineral will be remaining. In this case by watching (and compare with) the videos can still identify its mineral. The application is for Android while for I-Phone it will be available inθα  2-3 Weeks. It should be noted that in order to be able to see the subtitles you have to watch them from YouTube and have the subtitles activated. You can find the application here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartup.mineralmicr_full This application was created by the scientific (mineralogical) work of Associate Prof. Dimitrios Papoulis (papoulis@upatras.gr) and Dr. P. Lampropoulou.

New mineralogical application, which can be useful to buy for clay scientists. Send your comments directly to papoulis@upatras.gr:

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